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Reiki Distance Healing

Distance Healing


“The essence of knowing can be more powerful than questions of the ‘How’s and Why’s”


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One session: 30 minutes = £40


Wherever you are in the World, you can receive Healing from a Distance.


How does Distance Healing work?

We often know how certain things work, but there are many things in life, that we do not know about, or understand how they work. Everything is made up of energy, the universe is energy, we are all energy, and energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed. The transformation of energy is powerful and can be very effective with distance healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. As with other types of healing, distance healing has been shown to have no boundaries, or limitations, where the effects of healing are concerned.

A Reiki healing treatment works by dissolving or releasing toxins, through the vibrations that take place on a higher frequency of ones being, whether it is on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level, creating a harmonious environment from within one’s self.

A Distance Healing can be given and received anywhere in the world, and will still have the same beneficial effect as when one is receiving a hands-on healing with the healer in the same room. Animals can also receive healing, they do not have the blockages that we humans create and store within, and are very sensitive to the energy that is being received.

Distance healing may be received in the comfort of your own home: Find a nice comfortable place for sitting or lying down. If you wish, you can play some gentle background music, light some candles and burn some oils making your environment tranquil and peaceful. Make sure there will be minimal noise disturbance, and then sit or lie down with eyes closed and relax. Let the energy that is being sent to you flow through you, and receive it with openness and willingness.

Gary will give you some further guidance before the healing takes place.

Once Gary aligns himself and connects with the energy, a powerful connection can take place with the one who is receiving it. This alignment creates a natural flow of energy that works on a higher frequency through the person who is on the receiving end, leaving a feeling of well-being on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

At the end of the session, it is sensible to rest for a little while so that you gain the most from the healing session. The best way that you can benefit from a healing is to be relaxed and open to the energy that you are receiving!

Gary is empathic and clairsentient; he works intuitively, channeling the universal energy that he receives, and passing it on to the person who is receiving the Reiki Healing. Gary is now in his sixteenth year of giving Reiki and spiritual healing and teaching Reiki professionally.

A Reiki Healing can help with the many conditions that people may suffer from, whether they are on the mental, physical or spiritual level!