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The Shield

The Shield

Energy Clearing and Protection Therapy

“In a non-physical form, we have what is called an ‘Aura’, which surrounds our body. This is our shield of protection from outside sources of negative energy.”

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One session: 50 minutes = £75

We are all vulnerable and open to attract negative energy within our lives. The negative energy that we may take in can be from outside influences that eventually drain our resources, both mentally and physically. Often this leaves us feeling tired and exhausted, and sometimes we are left with low self-esteem and even depression.

For many, these negative feelings may have been suppressed from within the unconscious mind for years. There are also those who may believe that nothing ever goes right for them, and perhaps never will do in the future. So, they accept it, and believe that it is just their bad luck, which is not true. We do have the choice to change our lives!

Some will even believe that they have been cursed, or that a form of black magic may have been performed, and that a spell was cast upon them in the past.

When we harbour these negative thoughts, we are leaving ourselves open to creating and attracting more negativity within our lives. When this happens, it can lead to mental anguish and the possibility of physical disease. Around seventy percent of illnesses are psychosomatic, which may begin with a main factor like stress in our mental state and later develop with symptoms in the physical body.

In a non-physical form, we have what is called an ‘Aura’, which surrounds our body. This is our shield of protection from outside sources of negative energy. However, even though the Aura is an invisible shield of protection, it can also weaken with certain negative thought patterns that we may have during our lives.

In order to clear this negative energy, we may need a little help!

This is the service that I am able to offer you:

With ambient music playing in the background, I will begin by giving some healing, cleansing and expelling of negative energy from your body.

I will also re-align your energy centres (the Chakras), which will strengthen your shield, (the Aura), and create a feeling of well-being from within.

All of this will be done by giving some Reiki and spiritual healing with attunements, to align the Chakras and raise your vibrations, using ancient symbols, some of which date back thousands of years.

I will also be giving Sound healing. This is done by using Tibetan healing/singing bowls. With these natural healing tools, I will dispel the old energy in an outward direction from your body, and bring renewed energy in to rebalance your whole well-being!

In the final stages, while you remain in a totally relaxed state, I will reinforce your ‘Shield of Protection’, by gently talking to you and giving you positive suggestions to strengthen the power within, of your mind! During this time, I will also show you how to use this Shield, which you can use at any time, if you should ever feel the need to!

The methods that I use, all work together for the good, and their purpose is to enhance your well-being of mind, body and soul!


I had my “Shield” session with Gary last year…I was tempted to try once i read the benefits from this treatment…every word fitted in what I needed at the time. Gary had my consultation before starting, to personalize the treatment that lasted over one hour. The “Shield” is the perfect combination of reiky, relaxation, to aura cleanse too. Didn’t have a particular reason to try , just felt like I needed to remove the negativity (that every day can easily build Up in our life) & needed a boost injection of positivity back! Can’t say enough words to explain how the treatment made me leave Gary’s house! ! Felt completely different than when I entered, mentally and physically refreshed! I can’t recommend this treatment enough! Worth to try!

Looking forward to book it again soon😊


Thank you for the shield Gary, it was an amazing experience
Leaving me with the sense of peace inside, with pure calmness throughout! Helping me make more confident decisions  with my life🙏🏼
Lol Janet