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Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki Healing Sessions



To book a treatment call Denize 07954 343655 or email:


One session: 50 minutes £70

Pay for 4 sessions in advance and receive 1 free


Treatments available in London, N.12

Monday to Friday 11am to 7pm

Saturday and Sunday 11am to 5pm

Have a wonderful and relaxing Reiki healing session with Gary for de-stressing and re-balancing the body and the mind. During the healing session, Gary will also use the Tibetan singing bowls, which realign the chakras. Sessions take place in a calming, tranquil and atmospheric room with ambient music playing. Gary will help you to feel completely relaxed and at ease.


Gary is empathic; he works intuitively, channeling the universal energy that he receives, and passing it on to the person who is receiving the Reiki Healing. Gary is now in his sixteenth year of giving Reiki and spiritual healing and teaching Reiki professionally.


A Reiki healing treatment works by dissolving or releasing toxins through the vibrations that take place on a higher frequency of ones being, whether it is on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level, creating a harmonious environment from within one’s self.


Reiki healing is given by placing the hands on or just above the body in a non-intrusive way. Once Gary aligns himself and connects with the energy, an amazing connection can take place with the client. This alignment creates a natural flow of energy that works on a higher frequency through the person who is receiving it, leaving a feeling of well-being on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level.


During the healing session, Gary will often be guided intuitively towards any blockages that may lie within the client; this gives him the ability to work on certain areas of the body. However, regardless of this, the Reiki energy will always continue to do its work on the whole self.


What can you expect from receiving a Reiki Healing?  Many people will experience Reiki in different ways. Some may feel a warmth in their body, others might feel a tingling sensation, or perhaps go into a deep meditative state, or even fall asleep for a short while. Whatever your experiences when receiving a Reiki treatment, it can be very relaxing and most beneficial leaving you feeling rejuvenated and energised.


Reiki can help with the many conditions that people may suffer from, whether they are on the mental, physical or  spiritual level!