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What a rich, empowering, strongly educational amazing day,
in the House of Love with such warmth and hospitality.🌻
Today having the privilege to be educated, to learn, reach clarity and understanding, to practise – to receive the Power of REIKI and Healing, REIKI level I, all in the greatness of Gary Markwick,
Usui & Karuna Reiki Master and Teacher.
Taking it all in I will start my new mission in the name of Healing
I can  hardly wait until REIKI Il embraces me..
Gary major thank you for the up lighting and insights the Healing education braught me today😇😃…but also to Denize who makes a complete stranger feel so welcome in her emails and in presence🌷
Light & Love
I was divinely guided to see Gary for a palm reading in Camden years ago and was pleased to learn that he offered Reiki training. Training with Gary for my Reiki I and II certification was a wonderful and profound experience. He is a pure soul, light energy with deep spiritual knowledge. I took away tools I use daily in my personal and professional healing practice. Thanks to Reiki, I lean into a heart focused life of purpose and service. I look forward to his guidance as I level up to Master level. -Ariel Van Alstyne

I have benefitted from them all: Reiki treatments; Palmistry consultations; Workshops & Past-Life Regression/Hypnotherapy.

Gary is gifted with a gentle, caring and compassionate nature. Throughout these years of direct and personal consultations, I have been able to make these assessments of Gary’s developing skills, abilities, spiritual knowledge and natural Cosmic attunement. He is a ‘master student’ in what he does and this is not a contradiction! However skilled we are in our respective fields, we are always learning and should always have the capacity to learn. Gary consistently  demonstrates this.

He will only get better with the passing years.

Over many years I have consulted Gary, particularly at times of deep, disturbing life challenges, losses and challenges in relationships and losses of the lives of dear and close relatives. I have also benefitted from his Reiki work.
Continue your wonderful work and I will persist in telling  people about you.
In Gratitude.
Shirley Braithwaite
6 November 2019
After having a wonderful palm reading from Gary and having a lovely connection with him and Denize I decided to do my Reiki 3 teacher training with him. I’d been waiting for the right person to do this with and I felt Gary was the right person.  I’m a big believer in destiny and it did not fail me.  The day was lovely from start to finish.  His his passion for Reiki and teaching is evident and I hope that I can now put into practice everything I learnt from him. I look forward to our paths crossing again.
Mrs G. Edgware
Dear Gary and Deniz,
I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the wonderful day on Monday. I really enjoyed the course and especially happy that we have finally met Deniz! 🙂

Please let me know if the mother and daughter are doing Reiki 11 sometime later this year and I will see if I could maybe join in. Would be so awesome!

Thank so much for everything and I will soon be in touch again,

Love and light



Hiya Gary
hope your well. just wanted to let you that i’ve been blessed with a beautifull boy and he was born on 22 sep.
i am not sure if you remember, we came to have a healing done as was told by doctors we wouldnt be able to get pregnant without medical.
had the healing done by you in dec ( just before you went to india) and i have been able to concieve naturally and gave birth to a baby boy.just wanted to thank you
Gita Odedra x
THE SHIELD (Protection Therapy)
I had my “Shield” session with Gary last year…I was tempted to try once i read the benefits from this treatment…every word fitted in what I needed at the time. Gary had my consultation before starting, to personalize the treatment that lasted over one hour. The “Shield” is the perfect combination of reiky, relaxation, to aura cleanse too. Didn’t have a particular reason to try , just felt like I needed to remove the negativity (that every day can easily build Up in our life) & needed a boost injection of positivity back! Can’t say enough words to explain how the treatment made me leave Gary’s house! ! Felt completely different than when I entered, mentally and physically refreshed! I can’t recommend this tratment enough! Worth to try!

Looking forward to book it again soon😊



I  cannot recommend highly enough!!! I immediately felt a warm welcome into Gary and Denize’s home. A totally safe and beautiful space.
As for The Shield, this protection was amazing and incorporated Reiki and sound therapy. The only way I can describe the feeling was as liquid sunshine. My energy body was so filled with joy, absorbing the love and light. I didn’t want the session to end 🙂 I glided away with a weight lifted and my shield of protection.
How was the Mind and Body exhibition? Did the books look ok in the end?
Julia 🌻🌾🌷🌺



Gary is an amazing healer. I felt so much better after a Reiki session with him. I felt very relaxed and at ease.

I would recommend him to others.

Regards Selina x



‘I have been coming to visit Gary for over 10 years for palmistry and now in the last 2 years also for Reiki. Gary is such a lovely, kind hearted and down to earth person. He is also a great spiritual healer. Speaking to him always give me a sense of peace and contentment. Gary and Denize house is also so lovely and full of good vibes that one instantly feel relaxed! I fully recommend a session with Gary to anyone. Leena’
Best wishes
Leena Haake


Gary is a great Reiki healer and spiritual guide.Gary’s book “Now it begins” is a wonderful guide to a self care and law of attraction. I just love Gary’s energy and it’s always so spiritually uplifting to see him.

Migle Coraggio




Hi Denize and Gary. “I enjoyed Gary’s Reiki Workshop, it was understanding , I learnt a lot from learning Reiki Level One! I felt very comfortable and you learn so much from Theory and Practical. Gary was very informative throughout the workshop . I felt confident with what I have learned and I am ready to move forward when I can with Level Two. ”

Kind Regards,




Dear Gary and Denize
I extend my spiritual love and thanks for today.You are both exceptionally interesting, highly evolved, committed and warm people and your field of work obviously offers you both
tremendous satisfaction, despite the hard labour involved.

Your home working environment also provides great inspiration, generates high levels of sensory gratification and healing from my experience.

I will continue to prayer, visualise, contemplate and meditate on eternal success in all that you both undertake.  You are beautiful people and I am blessed to have met and befriended you both.

Despite my difficulties in using this equipment, I felt that it was worth having ‘depleted energy’ in order to convey my feelings.

I will be in contact soon to arrange for more Reiki treatments and I will notify more of my friends of your work and literature. I started reading your 2nd book this afternoon. Fascinating!

Lots of love.
Shirley x



20th August 2016  Teaching Reiki 1st degree today! So excited and nervous all at the same time!! So looking forward to sharing this with others and supporting them along their journey… Gary Markwick thank you so much for starting me on this journey you gave me the confidence to carry on and Carly Evans thank you for all your support, love and understanding that has gotten me here today!!.. So much love for you guys

Tina Herring